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A new generation of tiny mobile homes

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Top Tiny Homes

Compact & Relocatable Housing

Top Tiny Homes is a experienced team of designers and builders who are leading the way in Tiny Homes and Eco construction. We take pride in our unique ability cleverly design tiny homes and other projects to maximize living space, functionality and aesthetics.  These small structures are built on wheels, allowing them to be easily moved to the perfect location. Our houses are designed to have a warm, open feel and range in size from about 96 to 160 square feet.

Feel Right At Home


They often say good things come in small packages and our Top Tiny Home are more than good, they are simply excellent and you wont believe how good they are until you walk through the front door.

As the trend and demand increases for small homes we have thought carefully about our designs not only delivering luxurious tiny homes, but tiny homes that are on wheels and completely mobile.  Our tiny homes can be completely customised and built to your exact specifications and much like our standard models each and every tiny home is designed with luxury in mind. Inside each and every home you’ll find high quality fittings, premium appliances along with great features like vaulted ceilings, plenty of storage space, a “resort”-like shower experience.

With nothing else like it your new Top Tiny Home will be your perfect retreat, your home away from home, and your favorite place to be that you can simply hookup to your car and take anywhere in Australia.

Custom Designed

Luxurious Interior

Spacious Lounge Room & Dining

Comfortably Sleep the Whole Family

Premium Fittings & Fixtures

Full Kitchen & Bathrooms

Smart Storage Solutions

Endless Possibilities

Luxurious Living On The Move

Compact & Relocatable Housing

Imagine a luxury resort on wheels, something that you could take anywhere in Australia that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars per night and still gives you all of the comforts and luxuries you would expect.  That’s what we have created with our revolutionary and industry leading Top Tiny Homes.

Our mobile tiny homes are so unique that nothing on the market compares to our design and build quality, and each home we build is constructed by professional builders with an amazing attention to detail.  We treat each home as if it were our own and ensure that every single element is carefully chosen and properly fitted.

From the outside our Top Tiny Homes might appear to be a stretched caravan, but they are so much more.  Caravans are great for travel, but not so great to live in. They aren’t built to be used every day like a house. Since they’re expected to be moved frequently, the materials used in the construction are lighter weight and often less durable. RV’s can also start to look pretty worn after a much shorter time than you would expect with a house. They also aren’t built to be maintained like a house, where the Top Tiny Homes is more like a house with wheels.

The possibilities are endless with your new Top Tiny Home, call us today and start your journey 0452 184 436

Tiny Home FAQ


What is the build time for a tiny home?

Build time averages 3 months.

Are Top Tiny Homes Road Legal?

Yes, all of our tiny homes are compliant with the Western Australian Road laws

How Do We Use Electricity and Water?

Top Tiny Homes are designed to hook up just like an RV or caravan would. Electric, water and sewer are all user friendly RV style fittings.

Do you build custom floor plan tiny homes?

Yes, we can build you your dream Top Tiny Home

If I purchase one, can I tailor colors and finishes?

100%, after all this is your Tiny Home

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